SOLIDGOLDFX Drops New Uni-Vibe Styled Pedal, The Aurras Optical Vibraphase

SolidGoldFX is here to give you some serious vintage Uni-Vibe textures thanks to their brand new Aurras Optical Vibraphase pedal.


The Aurras Optical Vibraphase is a 2-stage asymmetric phase shifter built around a pair of individually controlled opto-isolators. This means a clearer signal with minimal distortion that steers entirely clear of the LFO.

Speaking of the LFO, there’s two of ’em! The dual LFO setup i powered by a microprocessor and draws inspiration from albums such as Band of Gypsys or the Dark Side of the Moon. The Aurras Optical Vibraphase also offers expression pedal input, adjustable dry mix control, and offset combined with Speed, Depth and Level knobs.

You can ramp up your LFO speed by simply holding the Tap Tempo footswitch, which will automatically ramp up to double your speed. You can also ramp down your LFO speed by simply holding down the Bypass Footswitch, decreasing your speed to half.

Get the Aurras Optical Vibraphase here for $209.

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