SOLIDGOLDFX Drops New 76 MKII Octave-Up Fuzz

SolidGoldFX is here to fuzz your day all the way up with their brand new 76 MKII Octave-Up fuzz pedal. The pedal feels like it’s the complete opposite of what you’d expect from a band like CKY, instead offering more brightness and a less modern tone. Which is great – as long as you’re not trying to cover “96 Quite Bitter Beings.”


“Just like its predecessor, the SolidGoldFX 76 MKII offers up a comprehensive guided tour to the best that the Standard Fuzz and its ilk has to offer without any of the drawbacks,” said SolidGoldFX of the pedal. “On face value, the improved 76 MKII gives you a multi-voiced fuzz unit that offers loads of octave-up snarl and clang, at the same time as ruthlessly pummeling your amp with hair and fangs.”

The 76 MKII is inspired by the Ibanez Standard Fuzz circuit and offers an octave bypass switch, dual independent Texture and Color tone stacks for precision audio sculpting, and a low pass filter on the output to tame highs and woolly up the tone.

Get one here for $199.

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