SOLAR’s New Guitar Will Oxidize Over Time

Solar’s new Chrome Canibalismo has an interesting finish, in that no two will ever end up the same. The new Solar Chrome Canibalismo is made from metal and involves a process that, over time, will oxidize and look completely unique. It doesn’t get more metal than literal metal, right?


“The ‘Chrome Canibalismo’ is Pure Metal!” wrote Solar of the guitar. “The finish is created from a unique material that is made from actual metal and involves a 5-stage process to cover the body, then after the base coat is completed, the Solar signature Canibalismo splatter is applied.

“This special material then needs time to cure and harden into its final ‘Metallized’ form. Being metal, over time the finish will oxidize so each specific guitar develops its own particular patina to this innovative instrument.”

Outside the unique finish, the Chrome Canibalismo offers a roasted Maple 3-piece neck fitted with Solar locking tuners, a Floyd Rose 1000, and a Seymour Duncan Dual Rail in the neck and Solar Modern in the bridge.

Get the Chrome Canibalismo here for $2,199.

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