SOLAR Guitars Teams Up With Patrik Jensen to Bring You the E1.6 Jensen

Guitar robot Patrik Jensen is a name to be feared. He puts the best of the best to shame on multiple levels. Killer riffs, masterful technique, that head of flowing locks. I could go on, but this whole thing is about the new signature guitar that got Jensen got himself from Solar Guitars: The E1.6 Jensen!


The word of the day, class, is sleek.

The shape, the bevel, those genius inlays on the neck make this thing worthy of the Jensen grip. And it’s got specs to back it up, lemme tell you. Swamp Ash body, maple and ebony neck, and EMG81 neck pickup, EMG85 in the body, Tom Fixed Bridge, TWO knobs. And that’s just the really good stuff. There’s a whole page of the rest of the specs on the website.

Such a sleek design is how much? Only $999?! That’s nothing! Well, lots of other people thought so too. The guitar is actually out of stock right now, but you can sign up for the mailing list (and check out all of the other specs) at the Solar website, check out this video for a quick demo, and heck, check out Patrik’s bands, The Haunted and Witchery.

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