SLATE DIGITAL: New FG-STRESS Compressor Plugin Replicates the Sounds of the Classic Analog Distressor


The good people at Slate Digital are known for their wide range of quality audio products, from hardware to plugins. The company has some pretty huge news as of late, as they’ve just announced the release of their newest plugin, the FG-Stress! Let’s take a peak.

The FG-Stress is a licensed 1:1 emulation plugin of the classic Empirical Labs Distressor. According to Slate, every aspect of the Distressor has been recreated, including the “unique topology of the different ratios, as well as its proprietary audio and detection path options”. In terms of compressors, the Distressor is known for its complexity and various ratios that give the user tons of tonal options to work with. If you’ve been dying to have the compression sounds of the Distressor, the FG-Stress might just be your solution.

On the process of emulating the Empirical Labs Distressor, Slate had this to say:

“After a strenuous two years of work, it’s important for us to demonstrate how closely the software matches the hardware. We decided to take a unique approach, something that no other DSP company has done. Rather than provide audio examples that we internally matched with our own hardware, we gave some audio files to Distressor users and had THEM process the files with THEIR hardware, and then we matched it with the FG-Stress.”

To hear more audio examples and learn more about the FG-stress, visit Slate’s website. The plugin is available now as part of Slate’s monthly subscription plans. There are different plans at various price points, so there’s basically something for everyone’s budget. Happy mixing!

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