SLASH: New Signature FIREBIRD Guitar Announced From Gibson


Rock guitar legend Slash (you might know him as “the man in the hat”) has some pretty exciting news as of late. The Guns n’ Roses guitarist recently announced the production of his new line of signature Firebird Gibson guitars, available in black or white!

The Firebird is an instantly-recognizeable guitar, with its classy shape and hefty weight. In the video above, you can see Slash personally signing his signature axes one by one, which is pretty rad of the dude to do, given that his autographs normally go for around $1500. We’re just gonna go ahead and assume Gibson isn’t adding that cost onto the final price of the guitar.

We’re still waiting on the specifications of this new line of guitfiddles, but rest assured they’re probably going to be dope. Follow Slash’s Facebook page to stay updated on this if the SlashBird is your jammeroni!

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