Short Documentary Chronicles Orange Amps’ Tiny Terror

Orange has always been ahead of the game when it comes to producing their own original content, but they’ve outdone themselves this time with essentially a feature length, 22-minute documentary about the Tiny Terror lunchbox amplifier (seriously: I occasionally assist screening committees for New York film festivals by selecting “real documentaries,” and this thing is better, and meatier, than 99% of the crap I see).


I don’t know much about the history of lunchbox amplifiers – I’ve actually only really heard that term used by recording engineers who bring their own pre-amps and channel strips packed into a transportable little box – so I’m not sure if Orange can actually lay claim to building the first lunchbox amp, but they certainly have been at the forefront of modern amp design. EVH, among others, followed suit much later with their own lunchbox models.

The doc features interviews with design engineer Adrian Emsley, members of Slipknot, Clutch, and Eagles of Death Metal, and an assortment of other Orange associates and players. Check it out:

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