SEYMOUR DUNCAN Unveils MARK HOLCOMB Signature Humbuckers

Seymour Duncan has teamed up with Periphery guitarist Mark Holcomb for the all-new Scarlet and Scourge pickups.


The pickups come as 6, 7, and 8-string configurations with Black, White, and Matte Black covers. The Scarlet features a ceramic magnet focused on note definition while the Alnico 8-loaded Scourge provides modern low-end and focused mid-range.

“Mark Holcomb’s musicality continues to push progressive metal forward,” said Seymour Duncan of the pickup. “The sound of Scarlet & Scourge was inspired by his use of high gain amp-modeling technology. With his modeler delivering Periphery’s ideal overdriven amp sound, Mark’s new pickups required enhanced clarity for complex chord voicings, coil splitting, and drop tunings.

“Through rigorous testing, Mark & the Seymour Duncan engineering team created the Scarlet neck and Scourge bridge pickups. Like Mark’s other signature neck pickup Alpha – which is suited for Mark’s heaviest riffs – Scarlet features a ceramic magnet, but with an output calibrated for note definition in clean & mid-gain applications. The Scourge, with its Alnico 8 magnet, provides the low-end and focused mid-range needed to anchor Mark’s modern sound.

The pickups are available here starting at $139.

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