SEYMOUR DUNCAN Unleashes P-90 Silencer Pickups

Seymour Duncan has teamed up with Jared James Nichols for their brand new line of P-90 Silencer Pickups. The pickups feature three coils that cancel out all the hum and noise associated with P-90s, but still give you that fat tone you’d expect.


“Simply put, the Seymour Duncan Jared James Nichols P-90 Silencer is my dream pickup,” said Nichols. “As I grew and started to play gigs, sometimes I would get stuck in a venue or somewhere where the power wasn’t great and if you’ve ever played a P-90 you know that they can have a buzz. So with this pickup we had the intention to get rid of the hum; the silencer factor is the wow factor so for me it’s a win-win. It’s my tone in a pickup, without the buzz.”

The Silencer line is currently the Vintage, Neck, Hot, and Jared James Nichols signature models. Get ’em here starting at $149.99.

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