SEYMOUR DUNCAN Drops Three New Pickups

Seymour Duncan is back with three brand new pickups – the Psychedelic Strat and Scooped Strat single coil pickups, as well as the Heavy Weather pickups for your Jazz bass.


The Psychedelic Strat pickups are modeled after ones found in late ’60s Stratocasters. The pickups are loaded with Alnico 5s and use traditional materials and period-accurate wind for that very specific sound. Each pickup is available here for $99.

Then there are the Scooped Strat pickups, which are designed for folks looking to emulate everything from screaming vintage Texas blues to a softer crunch. Each Scooped Strat is based on a set of underwound 50’s style pickups and, like the Psychedelic Strat pickups, use Alnico 5s. Each pickup is available here for $99.

And finally, there are the Heavy Weather pickups, which offer a slightly brighter take on the iconic early ‘60s jazz bass tone. The Heavy Weather pickups are vintage-hot wound Alnico 5 pickups are available here for $198.

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