Seymour Duncan Announces Three New Pickup Models

Seymour Duncan has three new pickups for all your shred needs… or riff needs, or whatever needs it is that you have. We don’t read minds.


First up is the ’78 Model, which is loaded with an Alnico 2 magnet, wound to the exact same hot specs as the original P.A.F. rewind. The magnet and output combination lend themselves to a warm crunch with biting leads and overtone laden tapped runs. The ’78 Model is available here for $129.

Then there’s the Green Magic, which offers the classic neck and bridge tones as expected, but with clarity and expressiveness generally associated with single coils when activated together. The Green Magic set recreates this magical out-of-phase sound by flipping the neck pickup’s magnet to reverse the phase when combined with the bridge pickup. The Green Magic is available here for $129.

And finally, there’s the High Voltage. The High Voltage humbuckers are a nod to the old school with the familiar Alnico 2 magnets, but they are wound for a bit more aggressive voicing that creates a noticeable sonic distance. The bridge pickup is degaussed in this calibrated set that delivers a very balanced tone. The High Voltage is available here for $129.

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