It would appear that Seymour Duncan is further expanding their already impressive lineup of stompboxes. This time it comes in the form of the new “Diamondhead” distortion and boost pedal.


While the thumbnail for this new pedal led me to believe that I might be hearing some nasty Children of Bodom type guitar tones, I was rather surprised to hear some incredibly buttery lead and rhythm sounds from this little box. To me, this pedal feels very much like a callback to the golden age of heavy metal. If Dio, Sabbath, Maiden, and Priest are your bag, then this pedal is definitely for you.

The video below does a great job of taking us through the various applications of this pedal whether you are running this baby in front of a clean amp, through an external power amp, or as a boost.

The Diamondhead Distortion + Boost pedal is currently retailing for $229 USD, and you can learn more about it over on the Seymour Duncan website.

A press release from Seymour Duncan sent to Gear Gods provides some more details about the Diamondhead Distortion + Boost pedal. American online casinos are a good place to pass the time while you wait to get your hands on one of these. Try to start.

Across genres and generations, the sound of a half stack pushed hard with drive and boost has become a standard for rock tones. No genre or era of players has been more heavily defined by these iconic sounds than the classic metal and hard rock pioneers of the late seventies and eighties. 

Diamondhead is a Multistage Distortion + Boost pedal that captures the power and versatility of that era-defining rig in a package that will find a space on any pedalboard.

Diamondhead is deep and three-dimensional, with clarity and touch response.

– Powerful Active 3-Band EQ

– Sat switch adds 24db pre-gain boost and tightens up the low end

– Independent boost with 0 to 15db of available gain

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