SENNHEISER Makes Wireless Easier With New Evolution Wireless Digital

Sennheiser is making the world of wireless microphones a lot easier with their new Evolution Wireless Digital system.


The Evolution Wireless Digital is a digital UHF system that works in any RF environment, meaning you don’t have to try and find free frequencies in whatever venue you’re playing. The system automatically secures the most reliable signal and is scalable up to 90 channels thanks to 56 MHz of tuning bandwidth. The system also offers the highest dynamic range of any wireless system currently on the market at 134 dB, which means being able to pick up on what Sennheiser said ranges from “a very soft whisper to a jet engine at 50 yards’ distance.”

The Evolution Wireless Digital is controllable through Sennheiser Smart Assist app, which offers fast automated setup, mobile access to every system setting, and remote monitoring. Basically you get to play the role of engineer from the palm of your hand without, and now you don’t have to have someone else manning the whole rig. Everyone wins!

Evolution Wireless Digital is available now in a variety of formats and systems here.