SCHECTER’s New Sunset Triad Series Has Triple Coil Pickups

Humbuckers? Who the hell needs humbuckers anymore when you’ve got a triple coil pickup? At least that seems to be the attitude Schecter is taking with their new Sunset Triad series.


Yes, Schecter has rolled out their new Schecter USA Tripocalypse Triple Coil pickup in both the 6- and 7-string versions of their new Sunset Triad series guitars. Everything else about the guitars is what you’d expect in terms of being pretty standard, but again – there’s a friggin’ triple pickup in there. According to a schematic on the company’s website, it looks like the Schecter USA Tripocalypse Triple Coil can be used as a regular bridge humbucker in the first position of the toggle switch, all three coils in the second position, and then the single coil closest to the neck as a standalone pickup in third position.

The Sunset Triad series is available in both left- and right-handed iterations. As for comments from the company on their new triple coil pickup, there’s not much outside the below Instagram post. Pre-orders for the Sunset Triad series are available here starting at $899.99.

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