SCHECTER Only Kinda Painted SYNYSTER GATES’ New Signature Model

Schecter is classifying their new Synyster Gates Custom-S as a relic model and I’m curious to know what kind of weathering this thing went through to look like this. This is less of a relic and more of a “we took this thing off the porch after it sat out there for two years.” All that being said, I still want one because it looks cool.


The brand new Synyster Custom-S offers a Mahogany body, an Ultra Thin “C” Mahogany 3-piece neck with carbon fiber Reinforcement rods, and an Ebony fretboard with 16″ radius and 24 X-Jumbo Stainless Steel frets.

The Synyster Custom-S comes loaded with a Floyd Rose 1500 Series bridge, and then a Sustainiac in the neck alongside a Schecter USA Synyster Gates Signature with black engraved cover in the bridge. The Synyster Custom-S‘ electronics are controlled by a Volume and Tone knob, a 3-way pickup selector, and two Sustainiac Mini Switches.

Get it here for $1,999. You can also check out fellow Avenged Sevenfold guitarist Zacky Vengeance’s signature Schecter here. It’s got more paint.

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