RUSH’s Alex Lifeson Has His Own EPIPHONE Les Paul Model Now

Legendary Rush guitarist Alex Lifeson has teamed up with Epiphone for the brand new Epiphone Alex Lifeson Les Paul Axcess Standard.


The Alex Lifeson Les Paul Axcess Standard features a Carved Maple and AAA Flame Maple veneer top on a Mahogany body surrounded by cream binding. The body also features a Comfort-Carve Belly Scarf on the back to comfortably fit any player, and a Mahogany neck with an Indian Laurel fingerboard for a nice Lifeson-esque tone. The guitar comes loaded with an Epiphone Ceramic Pro pickup in the neck and a ProBucker 3 in the bridge, both with coil-splitting options via their push-pull volume controls.

For an incredibly clean and acoustic-like sound, the Alex Lifeson Les Paul Axcess Standard comes loaded with Ghost piezo bridge saddles, which ties right into the fact that the guitar features two outputs. There’s a traditional mono jack for your regular ol’ plug-and-play, and then there’s the option to use two cables for the individual string magnetic and piezo outputs.

To top it all off, you also get to have a Les Paul with a Graph Tech Ghost Floyd Rose system so you can finally play the “Limelight” solo properly. Which let’s be honest, is what you’re really here for.

“The introduction of the Epiphone Alex Lifeson Axcess model based on my Gibson Les Paul Axcess model has all the same attributes and characteristics that I desired so much when we originally designed it,” said Lifeson.

“The look, the sound, the playability and the utility – it’s all there for the player at any level. I’m very proud of this guitar.”

The Epiphone Alex Lifeson Les Paul Standard Axcess retails for $899.

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