ROSEN DIGITAL AUDIO Releases Free Guitar Cab IR Loader Plugin, PULSE


If you follow our reviews, you’ll know that I use Rosen Digital Audio cab IRs almost exclusively for my guitar cabinet tones. I have been using them for over a year, and although there are many great ones on the market, I have yet to find ones that I personally like more. They offer an extensive library of affordable IRs for just about any genre and style.

This past week Rosen released a new product – PULSE. Pulse is a guitar cab impulse response loader that is simple, powerful, easy-to-use, and most importantly FREE as the wind blows. It has some extremely handy built-in features such as phase flip, easy A/B control for checking against other IRs, and a built-in cab IR to get you a great sound right away. You can use Pulse to load any IRs from any manufacturer.

Here’s some more info on it from the website:


PULSE was built to be the most powerful yet easy to use impulse response loader on the market. It was designed for both the aspiring engineer and seasoned pro to be able to utilize Impulse Responses to their fullest potential. PULSE has been optimized with real-time sample rate conversion, the achilles-heel of all other IR loaders, and introduces zero latency to your DAW environment.


The PULSE cab is a cabinet IR built into the plugin. When the plugin is first inserted into the signal chain, the PULSE cab is activated and you’re ready to shred. The PULSE cab was digitally created to offer the most versatile frequency palette and is suitable for all tone styles from the heaviest of metals to the cleanest of blues.
– Multi-platform
– A/B Control
– Real-time Sample Rate Conversion
– Compatible With All 3rd Party IR’s
– Blend Mode W/ Phase Control
– HP/LP Filters
– PULSE Cab IR Built Into The Plugin
– List View

Update: Rosen Digital Audio is now Lancaster Audio.

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