Rolling Stone Must Have Seen What We Wrote, Because They Shot a Vektor Through Our Heart

I wonder if Rolling Stone saw my somewhat snarky write-up of their new guitarist column Young Guns, because they have made a step towards proving me wrong about their complete lack of hip-ness.


Namely, their new installment in the Young Guns series features an interview with the talented Dave DiSanto and Erik Nelson of Vektor, one of the great underground progressive metal bands going today. This is about as far away from an “establishment” metal band as you could pick for this kind of column – it’s also a cool one, since both Dave and Erik contribute equally to the guitar sound of Vektor, neither one being the sole “guitar hero” of the band. There’s no chop-video with Matt Sweeney like last time, and they also missed a chance to highlight Dave’s awesome sci-fi Jackson, which he custom modded with the husks of abandoned spacecraft and Motherboards from mid-90’s Apple Computers:


You can learn more about Vektor in their Scion A/V interview from last year:

Source: Rolling Stone

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