ROCKSMITH Launches New AMARANTHE Song Pack Featuring “The Nexus”

Swedish power metal/pop outfit AMARANTHE have just been added to the latest Rocksmith DLC with their new trio of songs! If you’re not familiar with Rocksmith, it’s sort of like the next level of games in the Guitar Hero/Rockband genre, but you can actually play a real guitar! This lets you not only play along to your favorite tunes, but also learn them in real-time. When we heard that Amaranthe was added to their DLC, we knew it was going to be something special.


At around $7.33 USD, the Amaranthe Song Pack for Rocksmith contains the following tracks:

  • “The Nexus”
  • “Amaranthine”
  • “Drop Dead Cynical”

On top of this, each track is available by itself for just $2.73 USD, so you can jump right in with your favorite out of the bunch if you so desire.

About the band and compatibility of the game, Rocksmith had this to say:

“The base Rocksmith game will need to be in place should you wish to embark on a journey into Swedish heavy metal with Amaranthe, but it matters little whether that be the original Rocksmith 2014 Edition or the later Rocksmith Remastered. It doesn’t even matter which gaming format you prefer to enjoy rocking out on either, with Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS3 and PS4 players all covered. Obviously depending on your format of choice, the relevant store will need to be visited – we much prefer the brilliant Xbox Store for our download needs.”

You can learn more about Rocksmith and can get your hands on their sick catalog of DLC over on their website. Now, get rocking!

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