ROB SCALLON Reviews A Guitar Playable on Multiple Levels: THE GUITENDO


Creative mastermind Rob Scallon reviews a Guitendo. The name was a give away that it’s some kind of Nintendo-guitar combination. But I wasn’t sure in what form the combination would take place. I kinda thought it was going to be an 8-bit MIDI-player in the shape of a guitar. Echo Canyon Guitar Co. might have taken the first step in solving the multiplayer party-game loss crisis. Remember being able to pop in Mario Party, Sonic Shuffle, Super Smash Bros, Star Fox, OG Halo, and just kinda actually hang out with friends or whoever was over?

Echo Canyon’s Guitendo more or less facilitated that same kind of session between Rob Scallon and Weezy Waiter. The Guitendo is a playable Super Nintendo; playable as a guitar, playable as a console. Weezy Waiter is basically a Mario expert, so he runs through the first couple levels as Rob plays through the level music. It just facilitated an all around good time.
Besides just hanging out with friends and trading console and guitar back and forth, here are some other applications I can think of:
  • When you gotta go home for the holidays, and you know you either gotta practice or bring some form of entertainment for your little cousins. Bring the Guitendo and now your parents can’t say you’re not hanging out with them.
  • You gotta practice Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata but your partner is bored of waiting for you to pay attention to them. Hand them a controller and have them get through Pac-Man while you nail that arpeggio instead.
  • You zone out playing the classic Final Fantasy and a riff jumps into your head but you left your guitar at the studio. Pick up your Guitendo and catch that hit-single hook.
Reverb is raffling off this versatile piece of equipment, enter here. And be sure to follow Rob Scallon’s work here, check out Weezy Waiter here, and if you want to contact the creator of the Guitendo, Echo Canyon Guitar, click here to access his Reverb Shop.
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