Rhett Shull Has A New Signature NOVO Guitar And It Looks Awesome

Touring guitarist Rhett Shull is currently out on the road with Willie Nelson, which is partially what the below video is about. The other bits are about his brand new signature Novo Idris guitar that was kept under wraps for roughly seven months.


There’s no timetable for the release of the guitar just yet, though Shull gives a little history about it in the video alongside a general timetable. “About seven months ago I ran an idea past Dennis Fano for this guitar that I wanted, so we started working on this behind the scenes. And this is it; a new Novo shape called the Idris and this will be coming out later this year, I think sometime in the fall.”

As for how it sounds, Guitar.com grabbed a little bit of Shull discussing just that. “It’s got a punchy hi-fi sound like especially this gold foil in the neck is really, really high fidelity which works really well for ambient sounds like reverbs and delays, ’cause there’s so much detail that comes from the neck.”

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