REVV’s New Pedal Was Kinda Designed By ChatGPT

ChatGPT seesm to have a lot of uses, from perfectly logical to completely fucking insane. Revv Amplification is getting in on the insanity with their brand new Chatbreaker overdrive, which was loosely designed by the program and it’s pretty damn cool! The Chatbreaker is based on the classic Bluesbreaker circuit, but with considerable updates made by Revv’s President Dan Trudeau.


“Really, no matter what we prompted – we couldn’t get ChatGPT to put a functional pedal together,” said Dan Trudeau, President & Head Designer. “But I was looking at what it was returning & realized – it’s a Bluesbreaker! Well, it’s trying to be a Bluesbreaker. I always thought it would be fun to put my spin on that circuit, so after some major redesigns & testing – the Chatbreaker was born! It has that wonderful ‘warm-but-clear’ quality to add some old school mojo to your sound. So did the experiment work? Not really. I don’t think A.I. is ready to replace all of us just yet. I guess this is more of an Artificial Idea with Human Intelligence.”

Watch its creation below and get one of the 500 units here.

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