REVV Unveils New Dynamis D40 Tube Head

Revv has just unveiled brand new Dynamis D40 tube head and it’s a killer. The Dynamis D40 tube head features two brand new classic-voiced channels never before heard on a Revv amp, as well as a stripped-down control layout to keep things simple.


D40’s high-headroom clean channel & creamy gain channel are designed for “a greatest hits of killer ‘60s EL34 & 6L6 amp sounds all in one amp.” Combined with the Two notes Torpedo-embedded reactive load & impulse responses Revv was first to add to their amps back in 2019 for record-ready direct-XLR-out performance without a cabinet, D40 aims to give players authentic vintage tone & feel without the headache.

“The D40 is really focused on a big ‘spread out’ clean channel with high headroom. It loves pedals,” said guitarist Shawn Tubbs. “Channel 2 is pure vintage gain, think ’70s to ’80s rock, & you can get even more with your favorite dirt pedal pedal in front. You don’t really run into amps with that kind of clean channel that also have this incredible gain sound, so that’s a huge plus to me. It feels great to play.”

Get it here for $2,099.

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