REVV Teams Up With Shawn Tubbs For New Tilt Overdrive

Revv has teamed up with Shawn Tubbs for their first-ever pedal, the all-new Shawn Tubbs Tilt Overdrive. The overdrive combines classic vintage sounds with iconic recorded tones in an easy-to-use 9V-powered pedal. The Drive Circuit of the Tilt Overdrive takes you anywhere from right the cusp of breakup to a solid and musical solo tone.


The Tilt Overdrive is designed to taper low end, alongside an internal 18v mod for high headroom to really maximize your tonal options. Then you’ve got your standard Treble, Bass, Level, and Gain knobs, as well as a 3-voice tight switch, top jacks, and silent relay switching.

Check out a demo of the pedal below and grab one here for $269.

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