REVV Has A Bunch Of Distortion Pedals On Sale

If you’ve ever wanted to grab one of Revv’s distortion or overdrive pedals, now’s the time! All seven of the below pedals are currently 15% off on Sweetwater, and you can get ’em all here.


Revv Chat Breaker

The Chatbreaker guitar pedal is inspired by ChatGPT and embodies pure sonic power with its versatile tone-shaping capabilities. From classic crunch to gritty distortion, and has easy-to-use controls for optimum customization. A must-have for guitar and AI enthusiasts. Get it here for $169.15.

Revv G2 Green Channel

Revv’s Green Channel 2 is an expressive crunch channel loved by Nashville session artists for its feel and clarity. Applying the Green Channel to an amp in a box pedal format also resulted in a great boost and overdrive pedal, always-on tone-enhancer, or even old-school higher gain sounds. Get it here for $194.65 (and here in gold).

Revv G3 Purple Channel

Revv’s Purple Channel 3 is one of the most unique tones in modern amps. Extremely tight & clear with the right amount of saturation for any situation. Now that tone is available to everyone in an amp in a box format that’s versatile and feels great under the fingers. Get it here for $194.65.

Revv G4 Red Channel

Revv’s Red Channel 4 is a thick gain monster that still has the nuance to cover old school tones. The G4 is an amp in a box distortion pedal based on this tone used by premier touring & recording guitarists worldwide. The G4 is a great place to start for thick saturated amp-like tones and a complement to other Revv pedals or any existing rig. Get it here for $194.65.

Revv Tilt Boost

Pulled directly from Tilt Overdrive’s Boost circuit, the Tilt Boost provides up to 20dB boost with an intuitive Tilt EQ control that simultaneously increases treble and decreases bass (or vice versa). Plus a new Drive Switch, which allows you to engage a fat overdriven tone reminiscent of Shawn’s favorite setting on the full-sized Tilt Overdrive. Get it here for $143.65.

Revv Shawn Tubbs Tilt

The Shawn Tubbs Tilt Overdrive is the tonal culmination of a lifetime in music. Shawn not only needed a practical tone tool to give him the right sound quickly in any musical context – he aimed to combine the greatest vintage amp tones & recorded guitar sounds of all time into one ideal sound. Now that tone is available to you in an award-winning compact 9v double pedal with a unique Tilt Boost. Get it here for $211.65.

Revv Glenn Fricker Northern Mauler

One half of the Northern Mauler is a custom-tuned Revv high gain amp tone, & the other is our homage to the HM-2*. The blend knob gives you total control from 100% Amp Circuit, to 100% Chainsaw Circuit, & everything in between. Use a blend of the tones to transform your clean channel into a metal monster, boost your high gain amp with the Chainsaw Circuit, plug directly into a power amp, or use it with your recording interface & impulse responses. Get it here for $211.65.

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