REVV AMPS and TWO NOTES Joined Forces to Make the World of Speaker Cab IRs a Better Sounding Place


With the ever-increasing viability of speaker cabinet impulse responses both live and in the studio, Revv Amplification figured they were overdue for some IRs of their own. Teaming up with Two Notes to bring their physical cabs to the digital realm, you can now purchase five different flavors of Revv cabinet, including both open- and closed-back 2x12s and 4x12s, with a 1×12 ET90 thrown in for good measure.

The 4x12s feature Warehouse Veteran 30s and ET90s in an “X” pattern, and the the 2x12s are carrying one of each. Of course, these IRs work in tandem with Two Notes’s Wall of Sound plug-in, and the in-app store – La Boutique – allows you to demo and purchase impulse responses in real time. (More on that here.)

Frankly, the proverbial water has never been warmer for bedroom guitar tracking, or even gigging. It may be time to let your 100-watt valve monster scream (sweetly, and at safe levels) with some highly useful digital technology. The cabs would probably pair really well with one of these; oh, don’t forget this, either.

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