REVEREND’s New Crosscut and Crosscut W Series Look Pretty Sweet

Reverend, a company whose killer looks usually match their tone very closely, is back with both the Crosscut and Crosscut W series. Both series look like they used to be Telecasters before getting lit on fire, they both feature Railhammer Cleancut hybrid pickups with the punch of p90s, and they come in a bunch of cool colors.


The Crosscut and Crosscut W series feature korina bodies, roasted maple bolt-on necks, and a Boneite nut to reduce friction and improve tuning stability. Each set of Railhammer Cleancut hybrid pickups give players the option for passive bass roll-off for tightening up the low end or just totally re-voicing the pickups, and both the Crosscut and Crosscut W feature an upgraded jack by Pure Tone Technologies for improved grip, audio signal, and reliability.

So what’s the different between the Crosscut and Crosscut W series? Well, the Crosscut features a T-style bridge with a mounting ring the size of a humbucker, while the Crosscut W has a standard pickup ring in the bridge and a Wilkinson Stratocaster-style vibrato.

The Crosscut retails for $1,199 and the Crosscut W retails for $1,329. Both are available on Reverend’s website.