Reverb Teams Up With GREEN DAY To Sell A Bunch Of Their Gear

Reverb has teamed up with Green Day to sell a collection of nearly 100 pieces of music gear used by the band both in the studio and on tour. The band will be selling dozens of guitars and even giving away a one-of-one Billie Joe Armstrong Gibson prototype. The Official Green Day Reverb Shop will open on October 18 at 10AM CST, though everyone can peruse the gear starting right now and right here.


Among the gear available in The Official Green Day Reverb Shop is:

  • A Gretsch Electromatic that Armstrong played in the band’s “Back in the USA,” music video. The guitar features a truly unique design thanks to customization done by Armstrong and his guitar tech with spray paint and fire.
  • A 1956 Gibson Les Paul Jr., that Armstrong bought in 2017 during the Revolution Radio tour, which became his hotel and bus practice guitar.
  • A Gibson ES-335 that was built-to-order for the 21st Century Breakdown tour and played all over the world.
  • A vintage Hiwatt 4×12 cabinet used during the making of the Uno, Dos, Tre records.
  • A prototype Billie Joe Armstrong Les Paul Jr. that served as a test for Armstrong’’s 2017 Gibson model. He and his tech experimented with several hand-cut pickguard shapes and pickup mounting options on it.
  • Armstrong’s personal Fender Bullet Deluxe that he played nearly every day on his tour bus during many US and European tours.

Check the shop out here.

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