REDDICK Gives Infinite Possibilities With Their Voyager Modular Guitar

Reddick is throwing their hat into the modular guitar ring with their brand new Voyager model. At its heart, the Voyager has a 25.5″ Maple neck in a Modern Asymmetrical “C” shape with a Mexican Ebony fretboard and 22 frets. Everything else thereafter is essentially up to you.


The Voyager has a pretty noticeable gap between the neck and bridge, where you can slot in a ton of interchangeable pickup modules completely tool-free. The Voyager also allows you to swap out the control modules, essentially allowing you to completely customize the guitar front to back in terms of electronics. It’s a pretty cool idea that offers an insane array of possibilities, especially since Reddick allows players to custom order pickup modules in whatever configuration they want.

The Voyager is available in Cherry, Ash and Walnut bodies as a bundle here for $1,499.99. Each additional module is $199.99, and then custom modules are entirely dependent on what you put in ’em.