RED WITCH Has Created 54 Unique, Limited Edition Overdrive Pedals

Red Witch has just introduced their new Nonpareil overdrive pedal series, which features 54 overdrive pedals complete with their own custom artwork.


Each Nonpareil features its own unique dual germanium/FET circuit not found in any of the other 53 pedals. All 54 were made by Ben Fulton, and each unit is hand-signed and numbered and comes with a certificate of authenticity. This might also be the only time I can think of in recent memory where a demo video isn’t really useful.

Each Nonpareil has four controls:

  • I – This sets the input gain on the first gain stage. This gain stage is based around the N.O.S. Germanium transistor.
  • G – This sets the gain level of the second gain stage. This gain stage is based around the FET arrangement.
  • P – This sets the presence on how bitey or how smooth the overdrive is.
  • V – This sets the Master volume. Y’know, volume.

On the artwork, each of the 54 pedals is done by New Zealand artist Rachael Gannaway and is based on one of the 54 lines in Samuel Coleridge’s remarkable poem “Kubla Khan, A vision within a dream: A fragment.”

Grab one here for $449.