PUZZLE EFFECTS Eliminates Too Many Cables on Your Pedalboard

French pedal manufacturer Puzzle Effects is attempting to eliminate cables with their fit-together pedals that… well, they’re puzzle pieces. Puzzle Effects recently launched a Kickstarter seeking what works out to a little over $20,000 for the creation of their first three pedals. They are:

  • Rocket, which is born from the company’s love for JFET boosters, for their unmatched dynamic response and natural compression
  • Submarine, which is a delay pedal with a deep, ambient echo based around a PT2399 chip, and
  • Buggy, which is an overdrive emulating the roaring sensation that can be produced by a big saturated amp

The pedals are all True Bypass and all analog. Puzzle Effects also addressed the possibility of delays with the pedals due to COVID.

“The COVID-19 health crisis has had a heavy impact on the electronics industry, as well as on the transportation of goods. As a result, we are not immune to component shortages and delivery delays. That’s why we have identified problem components in advance and allowed for a margin of error in our estimates. This way, we believe we can keep our promises and deliver your pedals on time.”

Check the Kickstarter out here.

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