PRS Unveils New NF53 & MYLES KENNEDY Models

PRS has expanded their Bolt-On Series offerings and Narrowfield pickup platform with two new models – the PRS NF 53 and the Myles Kennedy signature model.


The NF 53 is inspired by one of Paul Reed Smith’s vintage guitars from 1953 and combines a swamp ash body and 22-fret, 25.5” scale length bolt-on maple neck with maple fretboard with a special set of PRS Narrowfield pickups: Narrowfield DD (Deep Dish) pickups.

“I am so pleased with the feedback from the artists who have played this guitar – everyone is telling us that we have something special here,” said Paul Reed Smith. “If you are a fan of this style and tone, the NF 53 will take you where you want to go. To me to have this kind of beautiful high end without the hum is game changing.”

Other features include a steel plate-style bridge, PRS vintage style tuners, and nickel hardware, which all work together to provide precise and reliable tuning stability while promoting sustain and powerful tone. Get one here for $2,899.

Then there’s the PRS Myles Kennedy Signature Model. The PRS Myles Kennedy Signature Model features a swamp ash body, a 22-fret, 25.5” scale length maple neck with maple fretboard, and two PRS Narrowfield MK pickups.

“This guitar captures the spirit of my favorite older instruments. With that said, since we developed this guitar, most of my vintage instruments rarely see the light of day,” said Myles Kennedy.

“I watched Myles throughout his career alternate between humbucking and single coil sounds without giving anything up on either side. These pickups took us months to dial in, and I think they capture that balance that Myles mastered beautifully,” said Paul Reed Smith.

Get one here for $2,899.

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