PRS PRIVATE STOCK: A 2016, 20th Anniversary Retrospective

PRS loooves celebrating anniversaries. 2015 marked the company’s 30th year in business, so they treated us all to several limited anniversary models to commemorate the milestone. Before that, logically, PRS celebrated their 25th anniversary. You can still cop one of those regal bastards if you peek around.


This year’s celebration was just a little bit different. For 20 of their now almost 32 years as one of the world’s premier guitar manufacturers, PRS has offered completely custom, one-off pieces through their Private Stock program. We all know their production models are stunning, so you can imagine that their full customs are just stupidly fucking sexy. And they are.

Presumably to douse some of the flames of the dumpster fire that’s been 2016, PRS Private Stock has offered us a recap of their 20th anniversary celebration which included a unique, limited-run guitar for every month of the year. Join Gear Gods and PRS Private Stock for a look at possibly the only kickass thing to have happened this year. Oh, and you can click on each instrument to learn some more about it. Let’s go:

Mr. January

PRS January

Ms. February

PRS February

Mrs. March

PRS March

Ms. April

PRS April

Ms. May


Ms. June

PRS June

Mr. July

PRS July

Mr. August

PRS August

Mrs. September

PRS September

Ms. October

PRS October

Mrs. November

PRS November

And finally, Ms. December

PRS December

Ahhh, a thing of beauty. Thank you, PRS Private Stock, for being just so goddamn good at what you do. And for making this year slightly less of a fucking catastrophe.

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