PRS Brings Back the Archon in 50-Watt Combo and Head Formats

The PRS Archon lives! The amplifier has been brought back as both a 50-watt 1×12 combo, as well as a 50-watt head with an accompanying 1×12 and 2×12 cabinet.


Both the combo and the head come with a lead and clean channel, are powered by two JJ 6CA7 power tubes, and offer five gain stages that’ll give you everything from a warm classic overdrive to a straight up house-levelling amount of distortion. Both iterations also offer the usual array of master volume and EQ controls, as well as a global presence and depth control.

“Reissuing a historically successful amplifier always has a unique set of challenges. One must collect and filter through years of performance data and feedback, then work to legitimately enhance the amp without fixing anything that isn’t broke,” said PRS Amp Designer Doug Sewell.

“With that in mind, our goals with the Archon were clear: adjust the gain controls on the lead channel to allow for a wider array of rock tones, retain and enhance the stellar crystal-clear tones of the clean channel, and design it to provide maximum value. The process took some time and effort, but the Archon is everything we had hoped for and more.”

The PRS Archon head retails for $999, while the PRS Archon combo retails for $1,199.

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