PRS Announces First-Ever Stompboxes

PRS has finally entered the stompbox game with three new stompboxes – the PRS Horsemeat overdrive, the PRS Mary Cries optical compressor, and the PRS Wind Through the Trees dual analog flanger pedal. All three pedals were designed by PRS Guitars in Stevensville, MD.


The PRS Horsemeat offers a Gain control with Level, Voice, Treble, and Bass knobs to really shape your tone. The Horsemeat can be used as anything from a clean boost or straight overdrive, to pushing your amp’s distorted channel a little more. The Horsemeat is available here for $249.

The PRS Mary Cries optical compressor pedal is a pretty straightforward compressor pedal with Compression and Gain options, allowing for everything between some light compression to a little extra overdriven bite. The Mary Cries is available here for $219.

The PRS Wind Through the Trees is easily the most complex pedal in the set. The Wind Through the Trees offers Manual, Depth, and Rate controls per flanger as well as global Regeneration and Added Highs, essentially resulting in a very shapeable flanger. The Wind Through the Trees is available here for $349.

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