Pro Tools and Apogee Are BFFs Again, Release New Mac/Windows Capable Duet and Quartet Bundles

Pro Tools software and Apogee interface hardware have always had a complicated history. Remember when Pro Tools only worked with Avid’s own hardware? Or if you’re as old as I am you’ll remember when that hardware was branded “Digidesign.” But there was a workaround that would allow you to use Apogee interfaces like the Rosetta or AD16x with your Pro Tools HD setup if you so chose. Well now that Pro Tools is untethered for specific hardware, Avid is embracing the competition. Thus, we have the Pro Tools Duet and Pro Tools Quartet.


Assuming you have a Mac, the Apogee Duet and Quartet are fantastic portable interfaces. Oh what’s that, you’ve heard this said before but weren’t able to test the units out for yourself because you own a PC? I hear you buddy. Well good news: the new “Pro Tools” branded versions of the hardware will play friendly with a Mac OR a PC. I’m yelling “FINALLY” over here but the caps lock doesn’t accurately represent my enthusiasm.

The Pro Tools Duet and Pro Tools Quartet bundles sell for $1099 and $1899 respectively, which works out to roughly a $200 discount versus buying the software and hardware separately. Although as far as I can tell, there are no standalone hardware-only versions of these new PC-compatible Duet and Quartet units, so if you’re a PC owner who loves Apogee but your DAW of choice is Reaper or Cubase or whatnot, you’re out  of luck.

For more info on the Pro Tools Duet and Pro Tools Quartet, head over to Avid’s website.

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