TOSIN ABASI Signature Overdrive By Pro Tone Pedals

Listen up, boutique pedal fiends! Tosin Abasi has teamed up with Pro Tone Pedals to bring you his signature overdrive, and they’re already ripe for the pickin’.


Pro Tone has been gettin’ jiggy with overdrives for quite a while now, from the Dead Horse and Dead Horse Deluxe to a Jeff Loomis signature OD, to the Attack overdrive that was previously touted as a Misha Mansoor signature. Mark Holcomb had a turn with a signature delay, so it seemed only a matter of time before shredlord Tosin Abasi joined the party.

Tosin has pulled from various iterations of Pro Tone’s flagship Dead Horse to create an overdrive that sits somewhere between the DH and the Attack OD. The pedal features a really cool 6-way low pass filter knob on it to help carve out that low-end definition that Tosin Abasi and Animals As Leaders have done so well.

I’ve had a Pro Tone Dead Horse Deluxe for a couple years now and it’s a fantastic pedal. While these things are definitely in the “boutique” price range, you get an awesome sounding piece of gear that, most importantly, looks sick too. And looking sick is at least 60% of good tone. You can quote me on that.

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