POSITIVE GRID Launches New OMNYSS Collection

Positive Grid has just announced their brand new OMNYSS. The OMNYSS is a collection of digital gear that includes three all-new guitar amplifiers and six effects powered by the BIAS FX 2 guitar amp & effects software platform and driven by an all-new DSP engine. They are:



  • Etheria – Heavenly, futuristic clean tone that shines through the darkest corners of the universe. It comes with the black box effect of an Orchestral Pad and offers a Custom Modern 4×12 Open-back cabinet.
  • Aggralith – Modern high gain for action-packed decimation. It comes with the black box effect of a Synth Lead and offers a Custom Boutique Angled 4×12 cabinet.
  • Viscerus – Heavy, raw, and aggressively visceral on every level. It comes with the black box effect of an Octaver and offers a Custom Boutique Closed-back 4×12 cabinet.


  • ZGate – Engage ZGate to subtly eliminate unwanted noise, or clamp it down for razor-precision.
  • Cypher Drive – Unlock massive overdrive and carve precision boost tones with six defined attack modes.
  • Cerberus – From complex stereo harmonies to snarling sub-octaves, Cerberus is a polyphonic octave beast.
  • Dark Matter – Adapts to every range and performance nuance, delivering natural compression and exceptional clarity.
  • Nebula – The rules of space and time are rewritten. Layer synths, modulation and reverb to expand the sonic universe.
  • Space Piercer – Explore lush studio-quality digital delays and crystalline landscapes. Glitched out or shimmery smooth.

Get it here for $99.

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