POLYPHIA’s Guitarists Now Have Their Own Fishman Pickups

Polyphia guitarist Tim Henson and Scott LePage both have their own signature sets of Fishman pickups, though not any that work with Henson’s nylon-string Ibanez.


The LePage is an Open Core Classic Humbucker with a slight aesthetics change highlighting a new look to the Fluence line that come in white and black covers accented with gold slugs and screws. The Henson pickup is a little more straightforward and brings the entire range of aggressive tones to the cleanest of cleans, even touching on sounds Tim was previously only able to produce with his acoustic guitars.

Both sets offer three different voices per pickup and drop right in and replace standard humbucker pickups. Both sets are also rechargeable on your guitar, and offer an optional lithium-ion battery pack offers more hours of playing time between charges than a standard 9V battery.

Get each here for $289.99.

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