Pay and Play is a virtual gambling account created after the player made a deposit. The players’ banking ID serves as a key to automatically play any casino games. The best part here is, they can get their payout on the spot after winning. It is now considered the new standard of gambling especially because we now live a fast-paced life.


Pay N Play is also considered a No Registration online casino because the player doesn’t have to go through the long process of registration and downloading. In short, one can immediately play their favorite game after they made a deposit.

Wagering in Finland using Pay N Play

Finns like the straightforward game yet simple that’s why Pay N Play online casino game is popular to them. The people in Finland like both worlds- which is fast while the other is slow. Fast enough that even in gambling, they don’t like to be dilly-dallied but they want to play it in a laid-back manner.

For this season, Casinokokemus, a notable Finnish casino online site introduced new Pay n Play Casinos for 2021 to the delight of the wager enthusiast. It is new and promises thrill and excitement to every game. Check it out at and discover what this wonderful online casino site offers.

Payment Option of Pay N Play Casino

• Trustly is a Swedish banking e-payment company founded in 2008 to allow customers to shop and pay services to direct from an online banking account without using a card or application. It is trusted in all major casino online transactions when it comes to payment. Trustly follows the strict regulations of the EU and it is officially authorized to transfer funds legally.

Why did they choose Trustly for online casinos? The player doesn’t have to register and enables quick payout. Moreover, it is trustworthy with your monetary transactions and zero cost.

Another advantage of Trustly is that once the player wants to leave the online site and decides to come back in the future, they don’t have to make another payment. Players returning to the online casino site can continue playing because their previous balance is still available for them to use. They call this “ Continue Playing” feature so players can continue enjoying the game and withdraw their winnings straight to their bank accounts.

• Hybrid Pay N Play

This is considered as the second option as a payment solution also offered by Trustly. This is intended for online casinos to make Trustly one of the payment options besides others. Unlike Trustly, Hybrid Pay N Play doesn’t have a “continue Playing” feature. So for returning players, they still have to log in and make a deposit at Trustly or use a password and user ID. This can be a bit of a hassle on the part of the player. In withdrawing their winnings, it is a bit convenient and transactions can be done instantly using their bank account as long as they do not log out.

Advantages of Pay N Play Casino

Choosing a Pay N Play casino is one of the smartest and safest methods of wagering.

o First, the player doesn’t have to fill registration and submit documents needed for the verification process.

o As Trustly is their leading payment option, banking transactions are easy, fast, manageable, and dependable. Moreover, both Trustly and Hybrid modes use a 3D authentication system which guarantees its security making online payment transactions safe and secure.

o This type of game is time-efficient because after the client makes a deposit and chooses a game, they can immediately enjoy it. Once they win, they can withdraw the money instantly through their bank. Pay N Play is considered as having the fastest payouts after winning.

o Clients will not receive any emails urging them to upgrade or new games that are being offered on the site. Everything is simple and fast.

Disadvantages of Pay N Play online casino

o Compared to regular games, it offers very few bonuses

o Depositing is limited to only one option

o Video graphics and audio is not that nice

Final Thoughts:

Our technology has rapidly changed and it continues to do so. In online gambling, convenience is the trend so modern casinos need to keep up with it.

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