PITCH PILOT is Like a Floyd Rose for a Select Number of Strings


Fewer innovations are as ingenious and absurd as those made in the world of guitar. For instance, when you need complete bending control over – erm, a string or two – the Pitch Pilot’s your go-to. Marketed primarily to Les Paul players, you can swerve over to dive bomb city on one string, maybe even two, as Guitar World’s Paul Riario demonstrates here.

I guess if you desperately need the bending ability of a Floyd Rose without having to A) heavily modify an existing guitar or B) purchase and carry around an additional guitar, the Pitch Pilot might come in handy for that one 2-second whammy trick in your set. Beyond that, I can’t do much but be totally honest: I don’t get it.

For real, though, there are some potentially interesting possibilities with it that the company points out here:

The sound created by Pitch Pilot is the sound of only 1 string changing pitch. Not only does it make a similar chorus effect within the guitar itself when used lightly, the interaction of the changing string and the strings beside it played together creates a myriad of interesting harmonies and overtones.

Fair enough. For more info, visit the creators here.

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