PIGTRONIX Unveils New “Polyphonic Amplitude Synthesizer” Pedal, Gloamer

Pigtronix is back, and this time with a weird one. The company has just unveiled their Gloamer pedal, which they’re calling an “all-analog, polyphonic amplitude synthesizer” made to alter the attack and decay of any input sound source. The pedal offers everything from a volume swell upon attack to a much more dramatic, almost cinematic swell depending on your speed settings. The swells can be reset upon each attack, allowing for a good amount of control.


The Gloamer also offers a powerful optical compressor for a little extra punch, as well as the ability to add cycling decay. Basically the decay function allows notes to end as they do, and then gives the option to either volume swell the same note back in or not. This creates a slow tremolo effect, perfect for ambient passages.

Get it here for $279.

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