PIGTRONIX Unveils Long-Awaited Cosmosis Pedal

After years of plotting, Pigtronix has finally rolled out their new Cosmosis ambient reverb pedal. The pedal offers Theatre, Temple, and Cosmos reverb modes, all with the ability to manipulate them in real time. Pigtronix defines each mode as:

  • Theatre puts the player in a variable room that ranges from cozy to highly reflective using multiple parallel short reverberators
  • Temple occupies a dramatic, large indoor space by implementing numerous long reflections in both parallel and series
  • Cosmos creates an enormous spectrum of heavenly reverb derived from the harmonic content it’s fed

Outside that, the Cosmosis offers controls for the size of the reverb, wet/dry blend, and filtering, as well as a Morph mode that uses the left footswitch to alter its tone. Morph allows you to control your reverb between 0ms and 10ms, taking you from Earth to space in basically no time flat. Players can also set both “red” and “green” values on their Tone, Blend, and Size knobs, then engage the Morph footswitch to oscillate between the two reverbs at their desired rate.

Check it out below and get one here for $219.

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