PIGTRONIX Introduces Echolution 3, an All-New Stereo Multi-Tap Delay

Hey look, more Pigtronix news! This time it’s all about the multi-tap stereo modulation delay pedal, the Echolution 3. The Echolution 3 offers delay times from 100ms to 5 seconds and a wide variety of delay options that can be saved to one of the four preset slots available.


The Echolution 3‘s delays are controlled by the Time knob and Tap Tempo option, should you choose to use it. There’s also a second Delay Tap that can be set to different times to create more of a rhythmic delay. The Echolution 3 allows you to get weird as well, with options for reverse delay, jump delay that causes the delayed signal to jump an octave, and a pong delay that causes echoes to alternate between the left and right channels. Crazier than a kiwicasinos casino if you ask me!

The Echolution 3 offers I/O options including stereo output, MIDI sync, and additional footswitch features. The pedal is available here for $299.

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