PERIPHERY: Guitarist Misha Mansoor Unleashes Brand New RAGNAROK Bare Knuckle Pickups


In the past couple of days you may have seen some previews of some sneaky stuff in the works from Periphery guitarist Misha Mansoor. A new signature guitar? New Horizon Devices pedal? A scandalous affair? Well the cat’s outta the bag now, because the metal legend has unveiled his newest creation: the Ragnarok Humbucker from Bare Knuckle Pickups!

The Ragnarok is a passive pickup that is focused on delivering chunky, tight, and aggressive guitar tones. Unlike Misha’s other signature pickup, the Juggernaut, the Ragnarok was designed specifically with overdriven tones in mind. If you’re a rock or metal guitarist, this is gonna be your jam.

In the video, you can hear Misha play a bunch of different tones through some Ragnarok sets, which helps to demonstrate the pickup’s overall versatility. The sound is aggressive and thick, yet clear and dynamic. He also talks about how the pickups can be customized on the Bare Knuckle site, which is pretty dope. Whether you’re looking a sleek set of pickups, or ones that say DJENT DJENT DJENT, these pups gotchu covered.

But don’t just take our word for it. Here’s what Misha and Adam “Nolly” Getgood had to say!

“The Ragnarok is aggressive. In a way, it is a response to the very balanced nature of the Juggernaut. I wanted once again to work with both Tim and Nolly to create a pickup that I felt hadn’t been made yet, this time aiming for the more angry and compressed side of the spectrum. The Ragnarok has a full tone and is in-your-face with any picking dynamic. The eq is balanced to the point where you won’t lose the low mids in favour of the top end. It blends the best attributes of what contemporary passive and active pickups offer in a convenient package”. – Misha Mansoor

“The Ragnarok fulfils a seemingly impossible remit – a chunky, fat sounding pickup that’s also devastatingly tight and aggressive; a hot ceramic pickup with a smooth top end and incredible clarity. Even the cleans and low gain tones have a fantastic voice. I didn’t think this could be done!” – Adam “Nolly” Getgood

To jump on this badass offer and build your own custom set, head to the Bare Knuckle site and get going! The pickups start at around $145 USD, and seem well-worth the price for the tone you’ll get out of them.

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