PERIPHERY – Drummer MATT HALPERN Doubles Down on His New Signature Stack From MEINL CYMBALS


Drummer Matt Halpern is known for his love of grooves, complex rhythms, and of course, v-necks. Having been the drummer for Periphery for almost 10 years now, the guy is certainly no stranger to experimentation within the metal and drum world. He’s been using stacked cymbals well before his involvement with Periphery, so the time has finally come for him to release a new signature stack through Meinl Cymbals: the Double Down! No, it’s not a burger, but it could be someday.

As Halpern explains in the video, his new signature stack features an 18″ china combined with a 17″ crash. One of the neat features about this stack is the inclusion of different finishes on each side of the cymbals, allowing for a lot of flexibility in sound and configuration. The china, for instance, has both a hammered side and a lathed side, which opens up a ton of possibilities for genre and tone usage. The crash has a similar finish to it, but just inverted from the china. With their forces combined, these already kickass cymbals can create some really interesting and versitile sounds to add to the mix.

Once the stacking process starts, there are a few different options the user can choose from. One setup Halpern talks about is inverting both cymbals when they’re stacked, which gives a thrasier, more abrasive tone to cut through thick mixes and live performances. Another configuration he uses involves stacking the china and crash with the bells facing up. This produces a punchy, smooth, and quick sound which is ideal for more intimate settings. Even if you’re not a metal drummer, this stack works great for pop, funk, jazz, and so much more, which makes it a great product all-around.

To get your hands on the Matt Halpern Double Down Stack, head over to Meinl Cymbals and find a dealer near you! To keep up with the Groovemaster himself, be sure to follow is personal Facebook page for tours dates, clinic info, and an unlimited stream of v-neck-related content.

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