PDP Announces New 5.5×14″ Aluminum and Bell Bronze Snares

Pacific Drums and Percussion, or PDP, has extended their Concept Select range of metal snares with a brand new 5×14″, available in 3mm seamless Aluminum and Bell Bronze. The new 5×14″ snares offer dual-turret lugs, 2.3mm triple-flanged hoops, True-Pitch Tension Rods, DW Mag Throw-off, 20-strand snare wires, DW Drum Heads by Remo, and satin walnut wood hoops and low-profile claw hooks for enhanced playing comfort.


“The 6.5″ versions of these snares have been a big hit so we wanted to give people a second depth option,” said PDP Brand Manager, Rob Dean. “Once you play these snares you might find yourself wanting both sizes in your snare drum arsenal.”

Check out the Concept Select range here.

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