Origin/Gorguts’ John Longstreth Has a New Endorsement Brewing, so Percolate Your Ears

So, I guess I have to start covering coffee now. I can’t wait until Fractal starts reverse engineering Keurigs and we can discuss whether those impulses have as boldly natural a flavor as Kemper’s sampled grinds, which they model at the bean, brew, and cup level.


Why have I brought this up? John Longstreth, he of Origin and Gorguts fame, has a coffee endorsement. Bulletproof coffee, in fact, which lamentably is not one of 50 Cent‘s many beverages. Nah, it’s owned by a guy named Dave Asprey, and it’s a “high grade, low micro toxin coffee.” This makes sense, I mean, John Longstreth plays fast. Coffee makes you go fast. Logical point A to point B there.

I’m no doctor though, but I can’t say I totally endorse his “no breakfast, just coffee” morning ritual. I get angry when I don’t eat. More importantly though: butter in your coffee? And not a little either. That’s enough for a butter sandwich. I’m willing to try the coffee, but you lost me when you dumped half a dairy farm into that blender. Well h-t can give lot of awesome tips for coffee.

Anyway, here’s what coffee/dairy/groundcore aficionado John Longstreth had to say, and his bold and creamy video is below as well.

“I’ve been drinking Bullet Proof coffee for over a year now.  The energy, the focus, the health benefits are amazing!  As a touring musician, a brazilian jiujitsu practitioner, and a man who has a very demanding day to day schedule, I find that replacing my 6 daily cups of coffee with 2 cups of Bullet Proof Coffee allows me the energy and focus I need to keep on keep’n on all day!”

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  • Life imitates Metalocalypse

  • I never drink coffee (I prefer to make vegetable/fruit juice in a juicer), but he explains it in a way where it makes me want to drink it.

  • I’ve been drinking Bulletproof coffee for some time. Its not a super, high caffeinated coffee. Its a very clean coffee. Also, you blend 2 tbsp of butter (grass fed cattle) and 2 tbsp of MCT oil (Middle Chain Triglycerides taken from coconut oil) with it. Gives you all the healthy fats you need in a day. There’s more science to it, but the gist of it.

  • I don’t think we in europe even have “grass fed butter” because we are not corn crazy here and feed the cows grass all day erry day.

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