ORANGE Unveils the Micro Dark Amp – Harder, Better, Smaller, Darker

By popular demand, Orange has introduced the newest, smallest sibling of their ‘dark’ brotherhood. Orange claims to have packed all the versatility, crunch, squish and chime we all know and love about Orange dark amps into this monstrous 1.72 lb chassis. The micro will share the same oh-so-brutal matte black and orange aesthetic of its dim brethren and the same simple and easy-to-use controls.



What’s particularly exciting is the CabSim-loaded headphone out allowing you quick and easy DI goodness (or bedroom/hotel room practice) in addition to its tube preamp (1x 12AX7), buffered effects loop and 20 watt (solid state) 8-16 ohm output for rehearsals or shows. But, what we all really want to hear is that it has MORE GAIN (and in Orange’s characteristic many stages, so, potentially, very flexible gain) than previous Orange micros, boasting an unprecedented dirt-to-size ratio.


Orange has released with it a matching 1×8 speaker cabinet (PPC108) that combined would make a pretty sweet mobile rig, although according to Suicidal Tendencies’ Nico Santora, it makes a 4×12 scream just fine. All in all, this looks at least to be a very fun and useful addition to a personal arsenal as a backup or practice amp (due to its insane mobility) and possibly an exceptionally functional tool for the working and frequently mobile guitarist.

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