One Of Les Pauls’ Actual Les Pauls Is Up For Sale

It’s easy to forget that the Gibson Les Paul is actually a signature model, given how many iterations it’s undergone over the years. But here’s a reminder in the form of a pretty cool opportunity – the New Kings Road Vintage Guitar Emporium in London is actually selling one of Les Pauls’ actual Les Pauls.


The Les Paul in question is a 1981 Gibson Les Paul Custom and was originally sold as a part of Julien’s Auction House in 2012. The guitar is going for just over $14,000, which is to be expected. Check it out here.

“This is a great opportunity to own a piece of guitar history,” wrote New Kings Road Vintage Guitar Emporium. “This man changed the game in so many ways.The guitar itself is an usual specification. All natural Mahogany body with a three piece maple neck and very unusual Maple fingerboard. The guitar has the word ‘second’ on the rear of the headstock. (This indicates an imperfection on the body finish and not the guitar itself)The pickups are Tim Shaw stamped Humbuckers with gold covers.

“The guitar also comes with a new unused black pickguard with the original cellophane still on it. (this looks like an later edition but it was how it was sold in the auction).The guitar is not the lightest Les Paul and weighs in at 11.3 Lb or 5.16 Kg with a 43mm nut width.Comes with an original black Gibson Les Paul case.”

If you don’t have $14,000 to pony up, Gibson just unveiled their brand new Les Paul Supreme models for a lot less.

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